TEDxUCRLive 2013: The Young. The Wise. The Undiscovered.

TEDxUCRLive 2013

TEDxLive is a new initiative to encourage communities around the world to organize events around the live webcast of an official TED Conference. TEDxUCR is proud to host this year’s TEDxUCRLive, a live simulcast of the second day of TED2013 Conference in Long Beach. The event will take place on Wednesday, February 27th, from 8:15am – 4:15pm in the genomics auditorium (1120A, first floor). The event is free to attend, but tickets are required and re good for one, two or all three sessions.

We will be streaming three sessions from the TED 2013 conference. Feel free to join us for one or all of the sessions.

8:30am-10:15am – Session 4: Disrupt!
Alastair Parvin – Designer
Danny Hillis – Computer Theorist
Black – Yo Yo Champion
Lesly Perkes – Public Art Instigator
Liu Bolin – Artist
Amanda Palmer – Musician, Blogger
Larry Lessig – Legal Activist

11:00am – 12:45pm – Session 5: Dream!
Rich + Tone Talauega – Creative Directors, Choreographers
Elon Musk – Serial Entreprenuer
Mary Lou Jepson – Screen Engineer
Taylor Wilson – Nuclear Scientist
Ji-Hae Park – Violinist
Stewart Brand – Environmentalist, Futurist

2:15pm – 4:00pm – Session 6: Create!
Martin Villeneuve – Graphic Artist, Director
Dong Woo Jang – Bow Designer
Jin-sop Lee – Multi-sense Designer
Barb Stuckey – Food Creator
Yu “Jordy” Fu – Multifaceted Designer
Kate Stone – Shepatd of electrons
Jack Andraka – Cancer Detector Inventor

For  tickets, visit:


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